Friday, September 03, 2010

Let the Backlash Begin

I had a big rant planned out about the girly-blogger backlash, but after several attempts to edit it down to something readable, I decided to sum it up thusly:

Blogs about fashion and beauty do seem very frivolous to some - and look like cash cows to others - but the fact remains that some of us actually have LIVES outside of blogging. All the freebies in the world can't cover up the fact that a lot of us still need to pay the bills, and our definition of "quality time" does not extend towards fighting off complete strangers who accuse us of being money-hungry whores.

We do it because our blogs and vlogs are calling cards for our writing, our creativity, our professionalism. We do it because we'd like to have a creative outlet for a change, instead of spelling out the ins and outs of our personal dramas for everyone else to see. Maybe some of us don't deserve the attention, and maybe haters do need a reason to hate. So what? Life must be pretty good if you can waste your time being such a hater.

(I call this The Pitbull Principle: The effort that it takes in hating a song is equal to the amount of effort exerted in dancing along to it. So it goes with life as well... and if you're one of those lucky people who neither hate nor enjoy "Hotel Room Service," I shall commend you for your otherworldly sense of restraint.)

We're sorry if we don't get it perfectly, but we're realistic about our priorities. No free eyeshadow or wrinkle cream will compare to the satisfaction that we get from spending more quality time (and money) with the people we love the most in our lives. We can show you how to put on mascara without looking like a hag, and we can choose not to break down a hairstyle product by product if the actual 'do ends up resembling a rat's nest. The only thing that we can't do for you, however, is guarantee your happiness... and that's something you'll have to deal with on your own.

All that we're asking of you in return is - in the words of Lily Tomlin - a little dignity and a lot of respect. We hope that you will get the same for yourself as well.


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