Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Short Note

...There's a reason for this picture. 

Just wanted to check in with everyone since I've been away from this blog for a week (blame my kids). The semester's coming to an end, which means that I might not be able to follow the usual M-W-F posting schedule for this blog.

What I can say now, though, is this:

- While I am inching pretty close to my original goal of looking like Christina Hendricks (without the flaming red hair and mind-boggling cup size), my weight loss has reached the inevitable plateau due to lack of exercise and sleep these last two weeks. Still annoyed by the loss of muscle tone, though I will admit that I'm now more convinced than ever to step up those workouts. (Which begs the question: Would now be a good time for me to jump on the Jillian Michaels bandwagon? I know that everyone's into 30 Day Shred right now, but I just saw an excerpt from No More Trouble Zones, and I think I prefer the workouts in that video more.)

- There's another trip to Manila coming up in a few - which means that there might be some decent clothes shopping on the way, too. I am certainly thinking about purchasing some nice polo shirts for myself (o hai, Rhett) to give myself a break from the camp shirt-and-khakis ensembles that I've been rocking at work all semester.

- I actually had another fun post planned for this week, but I could really use more sleep right now.

Will check back with you as soon as things have cleared up. Ta for now!


The Blargle and I said...

You are looking fabulous, dear!

I need your weight loss tips - am so off the mark these days due to illness!

Momel said...

And now that you mentioned polo shirts, you would do well to look over the Van Heusen outlet in Robinson's Galleria. Most of their female fits go for 50% less, and the fabric's divine.

Hello and Cheers Meimei! Got your link through J-Zaf's blog!

meimei said...

@BlargleMom: Thanks! I'm actually preparing that post as we speak.

@Momel: Yay, another fellow poster on the Zafra site! :) I should keep a lookout on Van Heusen soon; most of my Manila trips only go as far as "The South," but I'm always looking for polos and collared shirts for work. It's too bad that I didn't get to go to Collezione C2 this time - we had to go from Power Plant to SM Makati yesterday to pick up Jack Jones tickets for my Dad (yeah, I know) and I wasn't exactly thrilled with the actual clothes I saw over there - even the polos from the C2 outlet in the women's section was disappointing. Oh well ;)