Monday, July 12, 2010

Care Package Goodies, Pt. 1: The Fragrance Challenge

You know, I should challenge myself to start wearing and test-driving fragrances on a regular basis, now that Kuri has sent me all of these decants...

From left to right: Sand and Sable by Coty; Caron Farnesiana (mimosa and almonds? I'm in); an almondy-buttery fragrance that Kuri and I are still trying to track down, but smells really nice on me; YSL Cinema, and Shiseido White Rose, which is exclusive to Japan.

From left to right: 4711, followed by Barbara Bui and Agnes B. Le Petit b.b. (yes, Scribey, agnes b. pour les bebes), plus Body Shop's Indian Gardenia, PanAme Jean Patou, and Estee Lauder's Pure White Linen.

And then there's these...
On the left, a sample of Weekend by Burberry for Women, which Kuri and I are mourning because the bottle broke in the middle of transit (I blame customs in Manila for that one), yet left a gorgeous scent all over the packing material... I'm actually using the stuff to scent my closets, in fact! (Wonder if I should try the other Burberry scents next?) And on the right, without any doubt: my beloved Chanel No. 5.

Do I smell (pun intended) another ongoing series of blog entries here? 

As you can see, this is enough fragrance to last me through the rest of the year...  including the typhoon season, when the air is colder and not as overwhelmingly humid. But it does pose the challenge of comparing these fragrances with one another, seeing what works for my body chemistry (even though I know nothing about sillage and all that jazz) so I can use them as a jump-off point for future purchases in the horizon. This should be a lot of fun!


kuri said...

You make my package sound so nice. Proof of the strength of your writing.

but it's probably uncouth of me to make comments on my package :P

Anonymous said...

hi! can you suggest a perfume that has a baby powder scent? thanks

meimei said...

@Kuri: Thanks ;)

@Anonymous: There are only two fragrances that come to mind: Love's Baby Soft and Demeter's Baby Powder.

You might also try the "baby" lines from the other established brands, like Bobbi Brown and Philosophy. As far as I'm concerned (being a casual perfume smeller and all that) I'd recommend testing these on your own skin, since everyone has a different body chemistry that reacts to a given fragrance. Hope this helps!

meimei said...

Whoops! It looks like Bobbi Brown does not carry a baby line any more. But the European baby-product brand Mustela does have its own alcohol-free fragrance. Hope this helps!