Monday, February 07, 2011

I Did Say I Was Going to Write About Those Shoes...

Can we talk about platform shoes for a minute here? Up until recently I've been indifferent towards platform shoes, mostly due to all the crappy wedges and stacked heels that I've worn throughout the '90s. That has changed, thanks to the new crop of platform shoes (and hidden-platform designs) that are currently getting kudos from fashionistas for style and comfort.

Clockwise, from front:

1. Suede platform pumps from Miu Miu. I didn't try on this exact pair of heels, to be specific - and, frankly, my feet do not agree with Miu Miu in general - but they're the closest pictures I could ever find to the purple pumps that I spotted at my local Payless. Unlike your usual platform shoes, these have the toes turned up at a slight incline, which redistributes the body weight that falls upon the shoe and relieves pressure on the rest of the foot by pushing the ankle backward, as opposed to the forward motion that you usually get with regular heels. (Like Earth Shoes, but in high-fashion form.) Comfort-wise, I like how the platform actually relieves a bit of pressure on the arch, so I don't get the pinched-ankle feeling that I usually get when I try on regular heels. I also find that the turned-up toes also give the shoe a bit of a "friendly" look to them, too, which makes the shoes even more sigh-worthy.

2. Palais 80 peep-toe pumps from Yves St. Laurent. My first choice would have been the original Palais pumps - i.e. the ones without that freaky mohawk - but I think I like the lower-heeled Palais 80 peep-toes much better; I find that these ones are practically fun in every color, for as long as they keep that specific angled-platform shape on the sole. I'd wear these babies with practically everything.

3. The YSL Tribute sandal. A set like this would not be complete without the original YSL Tributes, which started the whole platform-shoe craze among fashionistas in the first place. The Tribute, to me, is the Jillian Michaels of stiletto heels: scary-looking at first sight, and definitely not recommended for beginners, but devotees will tell you that you will get into it eventually and you will get results. (Wink wink, if you know what I mean.) Personally, I prefer the strappy-sandal version of the Tributes to the regular pumps, which look pretty clunky compared to the refined yet insta-sexy lines of the sandal.

4. Lace-up booties by Proenza Schouler. This is a bit of an aberration compared to all the hotsy-totsy high heels in this entry, but let's face it - these babies are adorable! Look at those lines, and the way the shaft looks like an extension of the "pump" underneath. And these are just the beginning: there's also this similarly platformed (and pump-inspired) number, and even a knee-high iteration that would look great on me if my calves weren't so muscular to begin with. Just. So. Sweet.

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