Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Case for the Crowning Glory

The last few days have been a whirl for me, especially now that I'm starting school again and it looks like I'm back on my old ministry schedule again (complete with weekly dinner!). The only thing that hasn't been sitting well with me is that I've also found myself on an emotional rollercoaster because of... let's just say that there are some domesticity-related issues involved. The blog's still here, though, which is where the rest of the story fits in.

As I mentioned, my schedule's been changing lately, and because I'm in the middle of making adjustments I hadn't been able to make the appointment that I'd been meaning to make with Lexus. Eventually, however, I got really impatient and I ended up going to another branch of The Chain, one that was close to school.

Good news: I didn't spend that much money. The thing is, it went by too quick - I asked for layers, but I doubt that there was enough layering going on; all I saw was that the lady who did my hair just cut everything around my face at an angle, giving me a sort of straw-mushroom look while my hair was still wet. And she didn't even blow-dry, which meant that I ran around all afternoon with wet hair. Once it did dry to its usual shaggy-bob self, though, my hair looked and felt so much fuller - and kickier, even.

So much for my New Year's resolution to be less impulsive.

Time will tell, though, if the 'do stays kicky on its own, but I'm fairly sure that I'm going back to Lexus before Valentine's Day to razor the layers back to their shaggy glory.


Speaking of shags, one of my friends - who's also going through a major life-adjustment period - recently got her hair chopped, and I do mean chopped: She went from having long, blond beach-babe hair to a feathered, piecey shag with the under-layers dyed pink. (She told us that it started out really bright hot pink, but now it's fading into a more subdued shade of strawberry.) It's so awesome in a Deborah Harry kind of way, and it's so her that I couldn't imagine anyone else being able to pull that off.

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