Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Case for the Real-Time Entry

I just HAD to say this:

It's bad enough that I only get to watch the Friday episodes of Dancing with the Stars. It's bad enough that, in spite of my aversion to all things related to 98 Degrees and Jessica Simpson, I'm beginning to find Drew Lachey attractive because of Dancing with the Stars.

But having Drew Lachey perform the Paso Doble this week to.... THRILLER?!? With a cape?!?!?!!

Comedy gold, people. Comedy gold.

(And, darnit, the only way "The Final Countdown" could be made more palatable for ballroom-dancing purposes will inevitably involve Will Arnett and a lot of pyrotechnics. That is all.)

POSTSCRIPT, 8:35 PM: Finally, Master P has been eliminated! Now I no longer have to endure his non-dancing while waiting for the other "dahncers" to come out. Also, as much as I don't mind the Pussycat Dolls - well, except for the silver bathrobe that Nicole wore for the second number - I'm relieved that they didn't perform "Stickwitu," because that would officially make it the 100th time I've heard that song today.

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