Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Domesticity Reviews: Rock Star Season 2, Week 3

Well, well, I'm back - and as much as I enjoyed my short trip to the islands, I did miss out on a lot - namely, Week 2 of Rock Star. Then again, considering that I caught the elimination round last week, I had to feel a little sorry for Chris, even if he did murder "Take Me Out."

So tonight, I wasn't expecting any surprises at all, and the show... met my expectations. I mean, Dilana still underwhelms me (sorry, folks - plus I thought she got justifiably fugged on Go Fug Yourself), Jenny's still too bland, and Zayra still can't sing for beans (I had to switch channels because even the cats were getting upset) but other than that, I was fine with the rest of them. I didn't even mind Toby failing to rock the house.

Though I do have to say something about Magni's version of "Plush," because I found him strangely hot while he was singing that. I'm beginning to wonder if all Stone Temple Pilots covers really have that effect on me. And, Phil? Stop wearing dress slacks, buddy, they do nothing for you.

Another thing: I'm beginning to see some resemblances between the contestants and other celebrities/notable figures. Observe:

- Patrice: I already mentioned Chrissie Hynde, but in some angles she also looks like my friend Eight. I also get a little Allison Janney vibe from her, but maybe that's me.

- Josh: Adam Levine, definitely, but also Elliott Yamin. (A lot of my friends out here do think that E. got robbed on American Idol anyway.)

- Lukas: Peter Dinklage with skunk-stripe hair. And I mean that as a compliment. Really.

- Jill: Some posters on TWoP say Faith Hill, but I'm seeing more of a pre-eating-disorder Nicole Richie. And should I also say that I totally enjoyed her performance on this one as well?

-Storm: A bit of Geri Halliwell, but also a bit of Renee Olstead. Then again, could you see the redheaded girl from Still Standing offering up a snappy comeback to Tommy Lee after sexing up "Just What I Needed"? My answer: Exactly.

- Dana: Local model/fashionista Georgina Wilson, in some angles. Same lips, same babydoll stare.

- Ryan: Oh, this pains me so... In some angles, he looks like Hugh Laurie. But, for the most part, he looks like Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional, and I'd rather that he take after the Dashboard guy instead. Come to think of it, would it be too much to ask him to sing "Screaming Infidelities" for his elimination round, if he's still in the bottom 3 tomorrow?


Jen said...

I think Jill bears an uncanny resemblance to Pam Anderson. I think Tommy thinks so, too.

meimei said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So now I know why he did ask her if she was wearing panties...