Thursday, July 27, 2006

Domesticity Reviews: Rock Star, Week 4

This morning I caught the tail end of the elimination round, and... what can I say? Phil really hasn't stepped up enough. I don't think that Suave Porn (TM Rock Star board on TWoP) made the right decision, but I don't think they made the wrong one, either - especially considering that Phil did sound pretty off key on "One Headlight" last night. Still and all, though: Josh deserved to be in the Bottom 3, too, because he sounded so whiny on "No Rain" that I practically didn't care about him wasting his breath on educating the band about "opening their mind" to rhythm and blues. Please.

Oh yeah, the performance round: What else is there to say that hasn't been said yet? Well, for one thing, I finally "got" the whole deal with Dilana - meaning that she finally impressed me with "Time after Time." Apart from rocking the insane red bustier (still crazy, but a step up from hot pink Band-Aids on your cupcakes) she also looked like she really was having fun on stage. Not that I'm going to change my assessment that she's going to turn into this year's Jordis - too much hype now, inevitable burnout later - but there you go.

Another thing: Zayra actually rocked "Call Me" to the best of her ability. I don't know about the cats, but my ears did survive. Ixnay on the blue rubber/spandex with the heels, though; it's way too Juliette Lewis for my taste.

Other highlights:

- Believe it or not, I actually switched channels on Patrice singing "Remedy." Not because I hated it, but because I must've known that I was going to fall asleep if I kept the channel on her. And it was telling, too, since what I actually watched during the channel switch was this cheesetastic video for "Dale Candela." (Thank goodness I found a version that wasn't from MYX, because that one has some badly transcribed lyrics. For crying out loud, how hard is it to write "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire"?)

- Dear Magni: Stop drinking all that Spanish Fly. You were supposed to be boring during "Heroes" and I am not supposed to find you attractive! P.S. I still think you should've sung "One Headlight" instead of Phil. Also, start interacting with everyone else on stage; people like that kind of stuff.

- I was hoping for somebody to stage dive tonight. Unfortunately, that somebody was Ryan, especially since he was doing the whole American Idol chest-thumping-for-"intensity" move while he was singing "I Alone." Luckily Storm came to the rescue and went for the kill during "Anything Anything."

- Another person I was hoping would stage-dive: Toby, who should be drinking more of whatever Magni's been drinking. Like him as a rocker, but really needs to do something about that voice.

- In the "so wrong it's almost right" category: Jill trying, and failing, to dry-hump Gilby Clarke. Not sexy, even if I do like Jill a tad bit.

- I just figured it out - Dana + guitar + sparkly eyeshadow = Tia Carrere's character in Wayne's World. I'm half-expecting her to sing "Dream Weaver" or "Ballroom Blitz" next week, if she could hack it. Maybe she should switch to Guinness next week?

- And how could I forget about Lukas, who really impressed me this week with "Bittersweet Symphony"? Though I do agree that he, too, needs to do more with his voice as well.

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