Saturday, March 08, 2008

Aveda Abundance at Ala Moana: Part 1

Just uploaded the pictures from the Aveda event at Ala Moana. Special thanks to my friend Kitty (nom de blog), who came with me to the mall, and the good folks at the Aveda salon at Ala Moana.

NOTE from Meimei: Apologies in advance for anyone I may have offended by posting these pictures on the blog. I was not specifically invited to cover this event; as far as the management at Aveda and Ala Moana was concerned, I was just another grungy bystander at the mall with a digital camera, which should explain a lot. To be honest, however, I felt like a guerilla journalist doing this, going back to my roots as a college newspaper reporter sneaking into department store makeovers to come up with a feature. I will gladly cooperate should legal issues arise; until then, however, here they shall stay.

In the background: a wide-screen TV showing the Marc Bouwer Spring 2008 collection. From left: Jon Reyman, hair instructor for Aveda Academies of New York; Jon's model Cynthia (you won't see it here, but Cynthia has fierce indigo-colored bangs); Rudy Miles, Global Makeup Artist and instructor for Aveda; Rudy's model Yasmin.
On Jon's table: the aforementioned Pure Abundance Hair Potion and Light Elements Smoothing Fluid, with Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray. On Rudy's table: brushes and makeup, all by Aveda.

Note the black eyeliner for both Cynthia and Yasmin; this will be very important in the presentation. Rudy says that the makeup for both ladies are variations on the techniques he has demonstrated during the live demo, with Cynthia wearing the cool-toned version and Yasmin wearing the warmer variation. Also note the amount of direct sunlight Rudy is working with on his side of the Ala Moana Center Stage, which will come into play when I start posting the photos of him and Yasmin.

Here's a shot of the free gift that the Aveda folks gave away - a shower puff and a trial size of Aveda's Calming Body Cleanser. I didn't get one, but Kitty did... and she ended up giving hers to me, since she insists on being "particular" with her body products. The box smelled great - as does the body wash itself - and also contained discount coupons and fliers for various services at the Aveda salon. (Note to anyone reading this: Graduation gift, hint hint... graduation gift, hint hint...)

In the background: My own bedsheets, from Wal-mart. For shame!

Stay tuned for the rest of the Aveda Abundance series, which include the following:

  • Part 2: Makeup. Rudy Miles creates a look with smoky eyes and dewy skin, inspired by the climate and natural beauty of Hawaii.
  • Part 3: Hair. Jon Reyman demonstrates dry-cutting methods and "talks story" about hair trends for women.
  • Part 4: Practical Application. My apologies to Rudy and Jon, but for the interest of this blog, I will sacrifice my own face in a (sad) attempt to recreate what I had witnessed at this event, using products that are obviously not from Aveda.* It's a good thing I already got my haircut (from a nice lady who reminds me of Tammy from Beautiful Nail) because you do not want to see what happens when I dry cut my own hair.

*Although I have personally tried Aveda foundations in the past, and can personally vouch for their awesomeness. Sadly, those foundations have been discontinued, but given the opportunity, I will gladly *buy* them on my own dime. :)

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