Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aveda Abundance at Ala Moana: Part 3

NOTE: All photos below are mine. See disclaimer in this entry for more legalese regarding photos and coverage in this blog regarding this event.

Sorry if this part of the Aveda series took way too long to post - I guess I got sidetracked by that Ala Moana home fragrance to remember what else to post!
When: March 6, 2008
Where: Center Stage, Ala Moana Center
Who: Jon Reyman of Aveda Academies, New York (with model Cynthia and stylist/ manager Sherri of Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa at Ala Moana Center)

What's going on here? Cynthia, the model, started out with long, thick hair that hung past her shoulders. Jon decided to give her a fresh new look by dry-cutting her hair into a choppy, shoulder-length bob - using thinning shears, and angled layers, where necessary - then softening her bangs (already dyed a fierce indigo color) to frame her eyes and face.

While he was cutting Cynthia's hair, Jon talked a little more about hair trends in general: Most of the women who come to him for hair, he says, tend to ask for a more practical, low-maintenance style that doesn't require much fuss. The same goes for male clients, who are not only discovering softer lines for hairstyles but also softening up on services for full-service salons as well. (Jon was also here to talk about Aveda's new men's hair-care line; his presentation on that matter was scheduled for Saturday, which I missed.)

Cynthia's bob was then finished with a grand total of three products: First Jon sprinkled some Pure Abundance Hair Potion into Cynthia's hair for body and texture, which he then distributed throughout her roots using only his fingers. Light Elements Smoothing Fluid was then used for shine, followed by hair spray for hold.

Also of note: Rudy Miles also did Cynthia's makeup, using the same techniques demonstrated on Yasmin (see Part 2 for more details) but modified to work with the model's cool skin tone: The eyes were enhanced with navy blue shadow, and cheeks were kept neutral. Jon also talked a little bit about Yasmin's hair, which was styled to look effortless and not "done" - a loosely gathered ponytail arranged into an updo with few pins and fewer products.

Domesticity responds: First of all, repeat after me: "It's a powder, and a lotion, so it's a... potion!" If I wasn't broke the day I went to the mall, that Hair Potion would've been sitting in my bathroom cabinet right now. I'm just amazed that the guy used three products, a few minutes, and his own bare hands to achieve what I couldn't even manage with a whole afternoon and a blow dryer - and we're talking about somebody who would rather live a life without a blow dryer. It also helps to note that I also got a similar haircut at the Neighborhood Chain Salon a few days before I went to the mall, but shorter and without all the fancy dry-cutting and thinning shears.

Anyway, back to the Aveda stuff: Let's face it, I thought this demo was definitely appropriate - season-wise, climate-wise, and Hawaii-wise, I can see a lot of women duplicating the styling technique on their own, provided that they begin with a good haircut - which Jon did say is the "good foundation" for any great style. Again, here's the difference between myself and the expert here - just because I'm too chicken to spend anything more than $25 on a haircut doesn't mean that I don't agree with the above sentiment. I just happen to be somebody who knows how to stay closer to budget by spending the extra time to talk to my stylist and share pictures of what I want my hair to look like at the end of the appointment. God bless those who can spare the cash and the time for the full-on star treatment, though - as long as they've got a stylist that they can work with and makes their hair look as good as they feel, more power to them!

Epilogue: I did return to Ala Moana on Saturday at around noontime, however, and I swear I did get an eyeful of our sassy friend Steve Kemble - standing around Center Stage in a black beret, big dark glasses, and a black sequined jacket - in the audience for the Sephora presentation, which featured a hair guy who may or may not be Oscar Blandi. (And if it is OB himself: God bless you, kind sir! You are much sexier in person!) Unfortunately, I was camera-less that day, so I didn't get any shots in. Also, I spent the rest of the day in the area shuttering between my nail salon (outside the mall) and the new Nordies - both of which I will be writing about soon.

Post-epilogue: I've also decided to forego the proposed Part 4 of this series, aka My Pathetic Attempt to Recreate the Hair and Makeup from the Aveda Event. What you will be seeing instead, however, would be my own attempts to create a Face of the Day, which will be taken with my trusty laptop webcam. I'll still try to use as much of my own "product" as possible. :)

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