Monday, March 10, 2008

Aveda Abundance at Ala Moana: Part 2

NOTE: All photos below are mine. See disclaimer in this entry for more legalese regarding photos and coverage in this blog regarding this event.

When: March 6, 2008

Where: Center Stage, Ala Moana Center

Who: Rudy Miles, Aveda Global Makeup Artist for Aveda (with model Yasmin)

What's going on here? Rudy was inspired to create a Hawaii-inspired (and Hawaii-appropriate) face with warm, dewy tones on the skin and dramatic eyes. In these pictures you can see him working with Yasmin on creating a warm-toned look using Aveda products and brushes.

On the face, Rudy skipped powders in favor of creams and liquids. He used a foundation brush to concentrate mostly on evening out skin tones where necessary, and Inner Light Shimmer Accents to bring out and enhance features. Cheeks were also warmed up with Petal Essence Cheek Tint, which was also applied with a brush.

Eyes were enhanced dramatically with black eye liner (like this one), which he blended and smudged from the lash line towards the lid with some eye shadow to make the eyes pop. Mascara was also applied on the lashes to enhance the effect.

Lips are kept neutral, but with a boost of color from lipstick (edited: The exact product Rudy used is Aveda's Nourish-Mint, which I didn't find on the site - sorry guys!) and shine from lip gloss.

Domesticity responds: To be honest with you, when I first saw this demonstration, I was actually concerned that this was going to be way too dramatic a look to be practical for most women in Honolulu. For one thing, not every woman I know here can get away with a dewy face most of the time - least of all yours truly, who's way past the recommended age range for that much shimmer. In fact, when Rudy actually took out the cream blush and started applying the stuff on the model's cheeks, I had to stop myself from screaming, "Oh, honey, no," because I thought it actually looked way too strong going on her face.

Then again, we're looking at the fundamental difference between myself and a Global Makeup Artist here: We're talking about somebody who has the skills to adapt to the situation, and I do have to give Rudy mad props for doing the makeup under so much direct sunlight, which would have affected the look in so many ways. He did manage to blend both the foundation and cream blush onto the model's skin in such a way that it truly "melted" into the skin (as opposed to melting on the skin like Crayola), giving the face that desired warm, sparkling quality that really enhanced the darker skin tone. Black eyeliner aside - and he did managed to blend all of that product to get that ombre effect, as opposed to a really harsh and artificial one (hello, Mariah) - the whole look was exotic, pretty, and fresh, without screaming "Makeup!"

If I were to adapt this look for myself - and I do like it a lot for the days when I can have fun (as opposed to, say, a job interview with a state agency) - I would definitely put the foundation only where it's needed on my face (mostly around the center of the face) and skip the highlighter altogether, since I'm still not sure that putting anything remotely sparkly on my face would help matters much at my age. I will, however, keep the eye makeup and the blush to bring out my favorite features, and use a neutral but rich gloss on the lips.

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