Friday, March 07, 2008

Aveda Abundance at Ala Moana: A Preview

So today was my Excuse for Going to Ala Moana Day, since my friend and I went out for lunch. We thought that today was going to be the day when we were going to meet Steve Kemble, but we both misread the schedule - from the looks of it, he's actually going to end up speaking tomorrow to coincide with the opening of the new Nordies wing of the mall. Nevertheless, we hung out at 2 PM and ended up sitting in at a presentation by the Aveda salon, with two of their professional experts from New York presiding.

I have pictures from the presentation, but they're still stuck inside my camera and I have to recharge the battery before I upload them onto the blog. The two Aveda guys were pretty chatty and charming, joking with the guests about how they felt like they were infomercial hosts putting makeup on their models and doing makeup under direct sunlight (thanks, Ala Moana folks - how about an adjustable awning over the Center Stage next time?)

There was also an Aveda gift giveaway, too, but I'll share about that later when the photos come out.

For now, here's some of the things I picked up from the presentation:

- A demonstration of how to use the Pure Abundance Hair Potion. ("It's powder, and lotion, so it's... a potion!") The way they used the hair potion was that they'd put it on after the Light Elemnts Smoothing Fluid, which I thought was a little contradictory. When you do see the pictures, though, you'd never guess that he'd used two lightweight products to get the same effect that you and I think would come from a thick, fibrous, waxy pomade.

- Black eyeliner. Lots of it. But not in an overly artsy, Amy Winehouse/Dita Von Teese kind of way. There is a way of wearing black eyeliner that actually works with dark skin, so it looks exotic yet warm at the same time - nothing gothlike or deathly about it!

- And, of course, my not so humble attempt to recreate these looks on my own, with my own stuff! (Oh noes!)

Keep your eyes peeled...

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