Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just. Gorgeous.

Edited to add that this offer is available only for MAC customers in the United States, since the US website does not ship internationally... and MAC Australia, which also covers the Asian market, has yet to make these products available on their site. So, feel free to call your relatives in the US or Canada if you want to get hooked up, pronto!)

OMG, you won't believe how excited I was to see the announcement for MAC Custom Palettes in my inbox.

(Screencaps, mine; click all pictures for a larger view.)

I actually cropped out the blush palette (6 pans, US$105.00)... not because I don't like blush, but because I wanted to make room for the real draw here: the eyeshadow palettes in 4-pan form (US$47.00) and 15-pan form (US$177.00).

It's fun to build the eyeshadow palette because you get to choose from colors that are already available in the permanent collection. The textures available here are Satin, Frost, Lustre, Velvet, Veluxe, Veluxe Pearl, Matte, and Matte2.

(Side note: This is for the MAC PRO customers in the house - do the Pro Palette Refill Pans fit into these babies as well, since the palettes don't come pre-assembled anyway? I thought I'd ask because it looks like the refills come in a wider range of shades, and the palettes I just saw on the MAC Canada site look very similar to these. Just a thought.)

I can't resist customizing my own palettes (and I hate seeing packaging go to waste), so I went to work on building a 4-pan for myself... which you can now see below.

Clockwise rom top left: Bamboo (light beige with peach, Matte); Vex (beige w/ pink-green pearl, Frost); Club (red-brown with green pearl, Satin) and Sumptuous Olive (khaki w/ pearl, Veluxe Pearl). Note all the green tints in here, which keeps this otherwise neutral palette from being too namby-pamby.

If I wasn't so space-and-budget conscious, I would've gone completely off the rails and made another quad with Bitter, Nylon, Wedge, and Satin Taupe. But, oh, the possibilities!

Now, if only these would be available in my neck of the woods - and soon...

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