Friday, September 25, 2009

Yeah, Fancy Meeting You Here Too: A Polyvore Set

Today's Polyvore set answers the age-old question posed by the great Pinay dance diva herself, Jocelyn Enriquez:

*Jocelyn, I hear, has retired from the music business to concentrate on her family. But, dang, she can still bring it like the best of 'em; if I'd known that the HNL gig with her and the pre-PCD Nicole Scherzinger was going to be a premonition of sorts, I would've made a lot of cash by now. ;)

Anyway, about the set: This set is in no way inspired by my own personal life. (Hello, exes who may or may not be reading this blog!) It is, however, inspired by a running theme I've seen on Looklet: the outfit you wear when you do run into, or break up with, The One Who Got Away. Lord knows how many times I've planned to wear variations on that outfit during my 20s - and yes, there have been a few instances where it was warranted - but the older I get, the less interest I have in digging up any past grievances on who did what to whom. Thus, I think that some updates on this running theme are in order.
  • "Oh, hi. Had no idea you were going to be here." Hanging out at the places where you're most likely to find him is way too obvious; wearing deliberately vampy clothes and makeup while doing so is overkill. It's much easier for you and your ego to know (not just think) that you never planned on running into him, at all, and you just happened to look nice at this very moment. The makeup here is deceptively simple, thanks to the subtle neutral tones (shown here: BeneFit Big Beautiful Eyes and NARS Lip Gloss/ Lip Stain Duo in Stolen Kisses/ Pampa) which can be amplified without looking overdone with some serious mascara, well-groomed eyebrows, and a little rosy blush on the cheeks. You can also see how a similar all-neutral palette works in this how-to video from Bobbi Brown - and while you're at it, take notes on the model's hair in the video, too, which is simply brushed out and left down. Think along the lines of Grace Kelly: clean and tasteful, but never boring.
  • "Thanks. Everything's going great with me - how about you?" A tailored piece or two can convey a great sense of confidence, even when you feel like retreating into the nearest dark corner. The Vivienne Westwood jacket that I chose for this set practically redefines "sharp tailoring" for me, especially with the nipped-in waist and that wickedly pointed collar - the better to show off the built-in corset of the Diane Von Furstenberg dress, not to mention a wicked pair of stems in sheer black hose. And while I did go back and forth about which shoes I should pair with this get-up, I ultimately decided on this perfect pair of Louboutin booties to pull it all together beautifully, as a witty counterpoint to all that black. Tailored clothes, after all, do work best with tailored platform heels.

  • "By the way, Jason says hello." A hunky date may be the perfect accessory, but bringing your own bijoux to the party - especially those you've bought for yourself, with your own moolah - makes the moment even more deliciously memorable. Delicate jewelry, like the Kara Ross necklace or the thin, stackable diamond rings (worn on the right hand, so it won't be mistaken for a wedding set), sends the message to Mr. Ex that you cannot be bought by anything or anyone, not even for the whole universe.

  • "Wait, you haven't introduced me to your date yet!" At this point, a colorful manicure can send all sorts of wrong messages, so it's best to keep the nails short, clean, and at least nude-colored. That way, if his date is already sending dagger looks your way, you can simply hold out your hand and smile sweetly... let's face it, a classy lady like you isn't going to handily pick a raging catfight over him, are you?

  • "Yes, that would be nice, but - whoops, gotta go!" It's your call on how quickly and gracefully you want to exit this scenario. If I was in this situation, though, I'll just say a few short farewells, wink slyly at The Statham, and leave nothing but a cloud of Chanel No. 5 in my wake - ready to move on and move forward with the rest of my Great Plans for World Domination.
So, in summary, here's a little take-away: Revenge and jealousy are like a diet of simple carbs: exhilirating at first, but not enough to keep you going in the long run. Fill your time and space with the things that satisfy your essential self instead, and you'll still be ahead of the game.

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