Friday, September 18, 2009

Once Upon a Look(let)

Or as I like to call this new series, "An Addiction is Born."

Credits from Shoulder bag, Longchamp; bracelet, Hermes; tank, Topshop; skirt, Stockhlm; heels, Burberry.

Hong Kong, 7:25 pm. "It sounds like they're going to be late," the traveler heard L. say to him when he got out of the bathroom. "I bet you it's going to be some kind of wardrobe crisis, or something."

He didn't let L. finish the thought. This night was L.'s idea, after all. Every night was the same in every city: Take these nice ladies out to dinner, take them out dancing, let the chips fall where they may. In L.'s case, it always meant that he got to take a girl back to the room. For the traveler himself, it was good night, good luck, and Glenlivet at the lobby while he waited for L. to finish his business...

At least I bothered with toothpaste and aftershave, the traveler thought, as he adjusted the sleeves on his dress shirt.

Doorbell. L. runs to the door, kisses his date on the cheek. The traveler smooths out the creases from the front of his jeans. He immediately spots the woman who was to be L.'s date for the evening: tight black dress, fake-label handbag, strappy sandals meant to look "sexy" and "hot" but come across as "crippling" in real life. In short, exactly L.'s type.

"I brought my friend," L.'s date announces to the room. "I hope you don't mind if she joins us? She could be a partner for your friend over there!"

Aha! The traveler has seen this scenario before, too. Yet another guarantee that he will end up spending the rest of the night getting acquainted with the lobby bar's collection of fine single-malts.

"That's fine," he hears the other girl speak. "That makes
two of us who'll be staying up at the lobby tonight."

Then she enters the room.

The traveler stands up. For once, he was glad that he also bothered with his contacts.

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