Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dear Rhett...

Above: Rhett Eala with fellow designer Patrice Ramos-Diaz.
(Credit: Rajo's Blog,

Sir, after looking at this picture, I am fairly certain that it was you - as in, talagang YOU - helping out the sales staff at the Collezione C2 store at Power Plant Mall.

I did not expect to see you there, really... in fact, I wasn't even counting on seeing a Collezione C2 store at PowerPlant, either, because we were actually looking for the Team Manila store, and neither website for Collezione or Power Plant mentioned anything about this particular branch. (Can I also say that I didn't remember until that very moment that Team Manila moved to another wing? Ngeh!)

I was there with my parents because we were shopping for Christmas gifts and my Dad wanted to get the My Pilipinas polo shirts which you designed for C2. I was about to tell my Dad a story that I read somewhere that - as far as I can recall - involved you and Rajo at a fashion trade show where somebody asked you about a "stain" that turned out to be a print of the Philippine map. But then, as soon as I said your name, a husky guy with thick glasses and a Pilipinas shirt showed up right in front of me to fix a knit minidress on a mannequin.

First thought: OMG it's Rhett! STARSTRUCK! Second thought: Wait, there's a good chance it's not... OMG, he's still fixing the store! Might as well shut it before he gives me the stink-eye!

And, really, I had to think long and hard about saying another word in the store while you were fixing the displays. It was already providential enough that we found the C2 store at Power Plant at a moment when my Dad really needed to get a shirt... but to show up at C2 and see the Rhett in there? Frankly, it has been a while since my last visit to Makati, so all of this was unexpected for me. You could even call it... serendipitous.

I can't tell you which or how many shirts we bought today, because there's a high chance that somebody in my reading audience is going to get a Pilipinas shirt for Christmas. I can say, though, that my Dad bought one for himself, which he plans to wear out and about as proudly as he can... because that's how much he likes your shirts.

Long story short: Thanks, Rhett, for designing the shirts, and thanks to your staff at C2 for helping us pick our gifts! We are so glad we found your store... and so happy with our shirts!



ps. Tiny nitpick - as much as I loved those Herve Leger-ish little minidresses at the store, I didn't buy one because neither I nor the other ladies on my gift list would be able to wear it confidently in real life. Which is a pity, because I thought that the construction was gorgeous. :(

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