Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What's Your Fantasy: Other People's Fantasies

You ask, I deliver: Here are the hotties on the minds of my other friends in cyberspace, with commentary from yours truly.

For Purl Girl, of Knitzengiggles:

(Need I mention that this picture was taken from Match Point, which is actually one of the few Jonathan Rhys Meyers movies that I actually like? And more so - though sadly - because of what happens to ScarJo at the end?)

For Bakeks, of When Baduy Happens:
(Take it from me, and Bakeks, and Scribey: Ed Westwick playing anyone but Chuck Bass - and himself, for that matter - is, frankly, a disappointment.)

(We're still behind on Mad Men, which means that we in the Greater Manila/ Southern Tagalog area will have to wait another three weeks until we get our fix of hot, backstabbing men in sharp suits. No joke, though: John Slattery is working it.)

For Scribey, just because:


And because The Statham has been delinquent in his blog-boyfriending duties, I've decided to take this guy out of probation:

(...I know, needs-to-make-better-movies and all. Then again, the guy can sing, and y'all know how I feel about that.)

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