Sunday, November 08, 2009

Favorite Things of the Month

Madonna and Lil Wayne: two great tastes that taste great together. (Really!)

What's rocking my world right now:

- Johnson's Cooling Baby Powder. Our version is scented with honeysuckle - a scent that I never thought I would like, but here it's sweet and fresh, not heavy at all. I sometimes use this in place of a fragrance for hot days.

- Marks and Spencer trousers. Budget-breaking? Heck yes - but compared to the ridiculous markups that I've seen at Gap in Alabang Town Center, this is a fair compromise. I basically plucked this pair out of the rack without trying them on, and was pleasantly surprised by how they fit me when I wore them to church. Perfect length, exceptional fit - everything I could ever want in a pair of pants, and possibly more.

- Hand sanitizer. Right now I have one for each purse. Am pretty fastidious about it, actually.

- Yahoo! Free Games. To those of you who have been trying to recruit me on Facebook for Mafia Wars or Farmville, my sincerest apologies for ignoring you. It's just that I'm still tied up in playing the same demo versions for Jewel Quest 3 over and over again... which probably means I'll never be cool, but that's what floats my boat.

- Leverage. I think we only have the first season running locally, but I'm already hooked. Mostly because the plots sound like a hybrid between Ocean's Eleven and Burn Notice (which, unfortunately, is never on before my bedtime... and this, coming from the same cable system who thinks airing True Blood on a Saturday afternoon is a great idea), and also because of the great cast. Speaking of great casting...

- Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl. People, I get the hype now... and I really, truly wish that the Powers-That-Be would keep them together. Even if it means seeing them as a bickering middle-aged couple.


Mic said...

We love leverage! Btw have you tried M&S talc which has the scent of lily? Sobrang Bango!

meimei said...

Hi Mic! I haven't tried the Lily powder yet, but I agree with you wholeheartedly about the bath and fragrance lines at M&S - super sobrang bango, indeed!