Sunday, May 02, 2010

PS: Longer Blog Post Later

A few notes on my recent "disappearance" from this blog:

One, there is no truth to the rumor that I had been kidnapped and tortured by jejemons over my refusal to endorse certain candidates in my locality. That's just a bunch of crazy-talk.

Two, I am - in fact - in some sort of mourning: I just lost at least one-third of my current makeup arsenal, which had mysteriously disappeared from my drawers and various storage units. Since I don't remember throwing any of this stuff away - and I don't want to make accusations that I can't back up on this blog - I'm speculating that some kind of phantom makeup bandit had made off with my loot. It's not a happy situation, but I am moving on.

Three: Yep, I also turned one year older this weekend. Woot woot!

We have got to talk, dear friends, so I'm saving everything else for another entry. Hang in there!

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