Sunday, July 04, 2010

Pump and Lift, Episode 11: Trimming the Fat, with HTML and JavaScript

This isn't exactly a weight-loss entry per se, but after looking at some of the trackers and analytics for this blog, I found out that the Pump and Lift series has become quite popular lately; in fact, the P and L entries have been known to attract more readers to this blog since they first started. I wish I knew why - I'm not exactly an authority on these things, mind you - but I think it has to do with the inspirational aspect of it all, watching me ride through the ups and downs of this magical journey. (Or, as those semi-annoying folks from The Biggest Loser: Australia would say, the magical jeeuhhh-neeay.)  I still have about 30 pounds more to go, and yet I still wouldn't be here if it weren't for the love and support that I've been getting from the friends who read this blog. Once again, y'all rock.

Anyway, I can't believe that I've let so much time pass before I mentioned the new look of this page! It all started when I stumbled upon Blogger's Template Designer - by mistake, I swear - and after experimenting with different skins and banners, I eventually came up with... this. So clean! So crisp! So classic! What could possibly be more fasyon than that?

After going through the redesign, however, I've decided to look around the rest of the blog to trim out more of the fat that's keeping this site down, figuratively. Dead links and sites I don't read anymore? Gone, replaced by new links. Unclicked buttons? Deleted, replaced, and updated with more relevant ones.

Then there are the practices that I need to retire, too: not taking enough advantage of the promotional and advertising opportunities (thus the Nuffnang contests and Amazon Associates links), inserting pictures from Google Images without appropriate permission (thus the screencaps... and the inexplicable reason why Kim Kardashian is the #1 keyword search on this blog, even though I've only written about her once), and - no surprise here - taking too much time off between entries, which I am definitely working on at this point. At least I'm also making headway on the backlog of entries that I'm supposed to share with you, which I'm now taking out of the storage area and inserting into the "drafts" section instead to spur me into writing them.

Mind you, I'm not changing much - yet (I'm still on the fence about Twitter) - but change is constant and inevitable at this point. Welcome to the here and now.

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