Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pump and Lift, Episode 12: Fit Me Now

We interrupt this ongoing series of blog entries to bring you this picture...

OMG, it's the jacket that I used to wear in high school! And I even had this puppy custom-made for me!

And the most shocking part of it all: IT FITS!!!!!!

Okay, so it doesn't really fit me perfectly; it still doesn't stay closed when I button it up, and I think that the shoulders have gotten droopier. It's nothing that a good tailor can't fix (hopefully) because it's got that nice tuxedo-esque shawl collar action going for it, and I actually like the length.

(I was thinking about doing some plastic surgery on it by turning it into a bolero, a la New Dress a Day, but I just love this whole thing way too much!)

Until then, it's back to cardio, strength-training, and abs for this filly.

Speaking of cardio, strength training, and abs, I'm planning an exercise-a-palooza on Episode 13 - crunches, push-ups, squats, you name it! Complete with linkage and YouTube videos, too! Stay tuned!

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