Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Bang On

Right before I left for Auckland, my Mom handed me her round brush and a bottle of Finesse hair spray, telling me to curl my hair under because my hair looked limp and flat. Since that moment, I'd resolved that I would remedy that situation in any way possible.

Unfortunately, "any way possible" was not possible in the Southern Hemisphere, where I spent most of my time in New Zealand with hat head. Things were a lot better in Sydney, since I was able to use a blowdryer and shine serum (and a visit to Bondi Beach) to their best advantage... but it still did not give me the desired touchable, bouncy look.

Since I still wanted to volumize my hair without pulling my shoulders out by blowdrying it on my own with a round brush, I went for the next best thing: A curling iron.

This is the look that I'm currently trying to master with my existing curling iron (part of the Rowenta Imagin8 set) - the only difference being that I use the smaller iron because my bangs are much shorter and finer. I still need practice, to be honest, but it's definitely a step towards de-frumpifying myself for the coming months.

Pictures of this experiment are forthcoming.

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