Saturday, June 18, 2011

Domesticity Moments: My First Day in Sydney

I loved this outfit so, so much.

Taken at the lovely Holiday Inn Potts Point in Kings Cross. 

The sweater and the scarf is from Giordano; the black pants are from Gap. Look closely in the back and you'll see the black tote that I scored from Just Jeans in NZ. (And also the fact that I, uh, forgot to make my bed before stepping out of the house in this outfit. Lame.) 

I wanted to step out of the hotel wearing this whole thing, but it had been quite cold outside and I had to wear a jacket over this anyway. My plan that day was to walk all the way from Kings Cross to the Royal Botanical Gardens (the full story on that will be posted in a future edition of Domestic Travel), so I threw the jacket on and kept myself as warm as possible. Then I got to the Gardens, and the weather shifted back to "warm." D'oh! If it weren't for the fact that I had to walk home before the Gardens closed their gates for the evening, I would have been way past upset then. 

Upside: At least I had comfortable shoes. 

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