Monday, June 27, 2011

Domesticity: Now Available on Twitter!

It's official: I have finally gone mad.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now have a Twitter account! And it's about time, I say.

I've only been on Twitter for a few days, and already I'm having way too much fun with it. Sure, there are some very obvious reasons (*ahem* Nathan Fillion, Edward Norton, and the Philippine Rugby Team *ahem*) but I've actually found a way to make the whole thing work for my own nefarious purposes.

So why should you follow me... er, I mean Domesticity... on Twitter, then?

- Blogging updates. It's so easy: I write an entry, and I tweet it right away. This applies for both Domesticity and Domestic Travel (and perhaps the occasional one for When Baduy Happens, for you Pinoy pop-culture junkies out there), so you can follow the latest... or even go retro with an oldie but goodie, in case I do need to take a break from blogging.

- Writing updates. I do have other writing projects outside of this blog, so I'm willing to share those as well. I'm preparing to work on some fiction in July apart from my usual day-job stuff. You can follow those, too, and maybe give a little advice along the way.

- Shorter updates. Right now I have an ongoing "shoe-of-the-day" post based on things that I've been seeing around town, like platform wedges in typhoon season or a pair of dream shoes that I have to mention off the bat. Same deal with fashion, music videos, makeup tutorials, and other fun things worth sharing with everyone. Think of it as a mini-archive for blog moments to come... or, better yet, a mini-Domesticity you can follow every day.

- Frequent brainstorms! You know how I would sometimes blog about things that have nothing to do with beauty, travel, or other things that fit the categories? Now I can take all of that to Twitter, too... and stay focused on the actual blog content. Yay, more beauty and travel! (And nommage and movies and music and hot guys, too.)

And just to let y'all know, I am also bilingual on Twitter, so don't be surprised if I type anything in Filipino.

Now you're probably wondering where I find the time to work, write, sleep, eat, hang out with friends, and get all socially networked up at the same time. What can I say, I'm a multitasker.

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