Monday, June 13, 2011

Face Time

An update on "the procedure": My face is actually healing quite nicely - not a lot of scabbing now, but I still need to put cream on to get the remaining red marks under control. Still trying to stay away from the sun, though (not that hard to do with typhoon season underway) and makeup - apart from a little lip gloss - won't be an option just yet.

Other than that, I'm actually back at work: my actual job has started up again with less stress (finally), my fiction-writing hobby is more manageable, and even my blogging is now up and running with a vengeance.

So, since I'm back on my feet (but not with my usual face), I've decided to share a few YouTube makeup tutorials with you.

First, a nice one from Fafinettex3.

Even though I don't own the exact Urban Decay palette used here, I do have a few eyeshadows in my wardrobe that look pretty similar. I like how the technique isn't too complicated for me to replicate with a few brushes, and I don't have to have the exact eye shape to make this work for me. The only quibble that I have here is that the lip color she uses here is way too pale; I'd go for something warmer and rosier... like, say, Buxom's lip color in Roxanne, which I think will go nicely with the smokiness. (Very Maggie Q, I should say.)

Then there's this equally doable one from Pursebuzz.

Let me say here, for the record, that navy blue is the most underrated color of eyeliner out there. And I happen to like the combination of the bronze with the navy blue here, because you do need that surprise color boost when you're working with a neutral palette like this - but without the blatant "Oh, look at me, I'm a POP of COLOR!" that you see from similar looks.

More videos and bloggy-blog insights in the coming days as we go along.

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