Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Case for the Holiday Wishlist: 2005 Edition, Part II

Enough with the fantasy shopping! I've finally managed to snap out of my funk and get my window-shopping retail mojo back. That means I've been able to try out some goodies, for a change. Here's a few things worth sharing from my recent shopping trip:

- Nike ID: I got to check this out firsthand at the Honolulu Marathon Expo, where the Niketown booth had a display of some of the shoes featured on the site. Anyhow, the Nike ID site is worth playing around with - select shoe, select size (and in some models, width), then go crazy with colors, monograms, shoelaces, the works. On top of the customization services, the site also offers free shipping till February 2006.

- Gap's Curvy Fit Jeans: Seriously, if you're anything like me, this jean fit is definitely for you - not only does it fit nicely around your booty and thighs, but it also works with a pot belly by not bunching around the waistband and not having that weird bulging around the crotch area. Combine it with a low-rise boot cut and a dark rinse, and the effect is nothing short of devastating. (Trust me: I tried the Regular and Straight cuts, but only the Curvy one worked out for the best.)

Note to all Gap shoppers: If you think the store nearest you does not have your size or style for jeans or pants, try on a pair in regular, then check if they have it online, which has the wider range of petite and tall sizes. In some cases, you may even be able to just place the order at the store, and they won't even charge you for the shipping fees. This is doubly crucial in Hawaii, where shipping fees from online stores can take a huge chunk out of your wallet.

- Cargo SmokyEye: Wow! Why have I not seen these babies before? The brush is actually quite substantial (no poking-yourself-in-the-eye), the formula is smooth, and the colors (my fave: Katmandu) are really nice. The effect seems quite soft, though - more Audrey Hepburn than Ozzy Osbourne.

(Which reminds me: I just saw Franz Ferdinand on TV, and Alex Kapranos was not wearing any eye makeup - but he was still hot, yo. Which is more than what I can say about other guys in eyeliner.)

- Urban Decay palettes: Personally, I think I've outgrown the target demographic for Urban Decay, which explains my initial meh-ness upon seeing these in person - sorry, guys, not a fan of the glitter. The Shadow Boxes would've made me go totally “meh” if it wasn't for the glittery neutral shades, but the gloss set is definitely a wow.

- Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate: If you're the kind of person who doesn't want anything fancy in your hot chocolate, this one's definitely something you'll enjoy - it's sweet and chocolaty, but not cloyingly so, and goes best with marshmallows.

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