Friday, December 02, 2005

The Case for the Thousand Flowers

Looks like Domesticity's being heavily influenced by the New York web presence: First Sars points me to Apartment Therapy, now Kristin introduces me to more new beauty blogs - including (gasp!) Male Detail, for men into the whole grooming thing! Woohoo! More time to waste on the Internet!

Okay, I take that last sentence back - I still have 20 more pages' worth of action research left to type out in excruciating detail. (Yeah, woohoo to that too, and by the time I'm done I might as well write the BEST RESEARCH PAPER EVER. Pass the bourbon!) And the thing is, now that it's December I can finally get into the holiday spirit! Yeah! I even watched the rerun of Rudolph The Red Nosed Raindeer last night, and it was awesome!

Okay, off to watch Oprah on Letterman. I'm going to be laughing myself silly for the rest of the night. (Then I'll wake up and spend the rest of my morning typing up my gigantor paper. I didn't say life was easy; I just said it was good.)

More holiday goodness tomorrow.

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