Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Case Against the Wax Job

Or: Reason #548 Why You Should Never Get A Beauty Treatment While You're Depressed

Long story short: I went to the neighborhood branch of the Chain today (...yeah, I know) to get my eyebrows done. And, folks, it was NOT the best eyebrow wax I've ever received. The girl claims that she only cleaned up around the perimeter, but I could tell as soon as I got my head up that my brows were severely uneven - like wearing black shoes on both feet, but one foot was in a penny loafer and the other was in a stiletto heel. I asked that she clean the mess up, which she did, but she insisted that she did nothing wrong- even though I could tell that something was wrong judging by the way the red rash marks started breaking out on the area the girl says she didn't treat. Upon closer inspection, I also realized that there was an entire section underneath my good brow - from the brow bone to the inner corner of my eye towards the nose - that was completely unwaxed and untweezed.

And what made the experience worse was that I was already having a bad morning, complete with anxiety attacks and the urge to yell at well-meaning strangers. By the time I left the salon, not only did I deliberately not tip the girl who did the brow wax, but I came home even more depressed than I was when I went in. Luckily, I recovered from the anxiety attack (even though it took all of my willpower not to scratch the parts where the waxer told me not to touch) and I managed to fix the fuzzy part that went untweezed.

You could say that I got what I paid for, since the salon was advertising the service for a low rate... but, people, I've had my brows done at other salons and I've never had this problem. In fact, I might actually start going for eyebrow waxes at the Rival Chain's salon out in town again - they don't charge more than the Chain did, but the waxers they have on staff are really good about not leaving any fuzzy parts in and keeping my brows even without making them look like deranged leeches. But, hey, at least I don't have to worry about stray hairs ever again.

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