Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Randomesticity: Housekeeping

- Part 2 of the "Playing with My Makeup" series may not be posted until later this week - too many things on my plate lately, what with the job search and the general housekeeping in my apartment as well. I'm also planning a post on sunblock and a couple of recent Cacique purchases from Lane Bryant (clicky-clicky!), as well as some thoughts on my ongoing apartment-cleaning process.

- In the meantime: I've decided that living in such close proximity to a public pool is the next best thing I'll ever get to living in a luxury condo, since the combination of hot HNL summers and creeping boredom has driven me to start practicing my swimming again. This afternoon I went ahead and swam laps for an hour - alternating between freestyle and breast stroke, with breaks to practice my kicks with a paddleboard - and now my body feels like I've put myself through a rigorous Pilates session... except not as sweaty, and considerably a little more tan than usual. Bring on the workouts!

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