Thursday, July 24, 2008

Randomesticity: All Working Parts in Order

Continuing with the "Drag Queen" theme, part 1: I got Jackie Beat's parody of "Gimme More" stuck in my head earlier this week. Vile earworm or catchy send-up? You decide. (Also: Am I wrong for wanting Jackie and Azis to get together for tea? I foresee a well-spent afternoon at the MAC counter for both of them, trying on all sorts of insane eye makeup and exchanging Photoshop techniques...)

Continuing with the "Drag Queen" theme, part 2: For the rest of us ladies who can't afford chandelier headdresses, head-to-toe sequins, and professional photo retouchers, Sephora is having a sale on all products by Bourjois Paris. (Rumor has it that the brand is getting phased out... although I'm praying that there's more truth to the stories of BP negotiating a deal with Target). And you know what that means... MASCARA SALE!!!

While some people are all about the Maxi Frange and Coup de Theatre, I went with Volume Glamour Ultra Black ($9 at my neighborhood Sephora) because I've always wanted a soot-black mascara to go with my still-naturally-dark hair. I find that this formula gives even the most basic eye looks much-added oomph without looking wimpy next to the darker looks like the one I'm wearing in this picture. But I'm holding final judgement on this one until I've managed to road-test it for the next few "full-face" appearances outside of my apartment.

Other updates:

  • Job hunt is still on - I've had some promising interviews, but am still pretty much on the market. It's a good thing I'm writing a beauty blog, though, because I've gotten even more motivated to wear makeup lately - I've found that having good makeup is my way of signaling the universe that I'm open to the possibilities!
  • The Everyday Minerals stuff is also working pretty well, but since it's gotten humid lately I've returned - temporarily - to wearing the L'Oreal mineral foundation. Unpopular choice, yes, but considering my schedule right now I'd rather stick to the tried-and-true.
  • Speaking of appearances outside my apartment: Looks like it's going to be a busy weekend for me, starting with Art after Dark at the Honolulu Academy of the Arts (Bollywood theme night! Count me in!) and continuing with a neighborhood festival on Saturday night and my nephew's birthday party on Sunday. The days are already packed - now is the time to make the nights more exciting!
  • On the domestic front: Watch out for a recipe post - I'm actually going to do some cooking!

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