Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Post You've Been Waiting For... Part 2

So we've talked about this picture in Part 1:

Okay, the more that I look at this picture, the more I think it resembles my dark, sultry alter-ego, Mancatcher (or as my four-year-old self used to call her, Catch Girl) - and she's ready to prowl the streets of Gotham in her mission to convince Dick Grayson to return to his post as Mr. Wayne's assistant. Whoooa, here she comes! Watch out boy, she'll chew you up!

(Dear Chris Nolan: Could you pleeeeaaase make the third Batman movie about Robin? As long as you don't cast Shia or Zac Efron in it, we should be fine. Thank you.)

And if this is Mancatcher in her full sultry superhero form, this is how she looks like when she's trying to walk among the mortals:

Of course, there are some of you who will say, "Darnit, Meimei, that's just you before your morning coffee." But that's the genius of this makeunder: it's a little more than what I usually look like straight out of bed, and less than what I'd look like when I'm ready to face the world.

Here's the story about this face: I was on my way to the rest room at Macy's in downtown HNL when I stopped by the Lancome counter to check out the Maharani Jewels collection. A sweet Lancome girl saw me checking it out... and the next thing I knew (because I'm game that way), I was on her makeup chair. No foundation, concealer, mascara - NOTHING.

That said, she did use the Colour Design Quad in Secrets of Benghal on my eyes - especially that dirty taupe shade in the middle of the quad (shown in this post from Blogdorf Goodman) - and applied it in a similar fashion as my MAC makeover: light shade as a highlight in the tear duct area, dark shade (the plum one) in the outer corners, green/taupe on the lid. Really pretty... though you probably would not have seen it in this photo, since it was taken in broadest daylight (and I didn't want to hold up the line at the Macys restroom by taking vanity photos).

And can we talk about that lip gloss? The lipstick is Jaipur Spice (very sheer, applied with a finger) and the lip gloss is a Juicy Tube in Ginger Palace, with Le Lipstique in what appears to be Bronzelle in the photo. This combo got me thinking: What if I combined the eyes from my MAC makeover with the neutral lips from this Lancome makeover? The possibilities are mind-boggling...

What's definitely not mind-boggling: The Poudre Elephant Teint bronzer in Sunny Manorama.

Remember what I said about bronzer being a good alternative for blushphobes? This powder here is a bronzer for the blushphobe. Not just for that embossed gold top coating, but also for the swirl of coral, pink, gold, and bronze - and if you're tanned or darker, you can just go ahead and swirl away! But if not, at least it's a pretty, pretty compact.

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