Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Post You've Been Waiting For... Part 1

So here's the makeover I've been holding back from posting:

This was taken right after my most recent makeover at the Nordstrom MAC counter. The foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow base are the same from my last MAC makeover, with the addition of Sunbasque blush on the cheeks. Also, she did use the Colourforms Warm Eyes x 5 palette for the eyes - using the pale beige (Frostastic) on the browbone, the pinky-nude (Tancentric) in the crease and inner eye corners, and the brown (Fertile) on the outer corners.


Remember what I said about the green shade in the palette? That one's called Rolled Gold, and it's a pretty taupish-green. Tiffany and I, however, both saw that green and realized that it's almost a dupe of one of the new shades from the Starflash collection - Mink and Sable, which actually swatches darker than the Rolled Gold. So we used Mink and Sable on the lids, and it went so well with the rest of the Colorforms shades that it nearly took my breath away.

You may not see it in the picture, though, but when I went into the bathroom I was surprised by how dramatic the effect was all over. Very Monica Bellucci, if I should say so (especially since I saw MB sporting a similar olive-green shade on the billboard next to the Dior store at Ala Moana). So forgive the smirky-sultry expression on this picture; part of it is just me worrying that my family won't recognize me when I show up for dinner with this face.

The lip color I'm wearing here is the Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolor in Coco Lust/Sexy Sweet from the Lustre Twins collection. Again, it does show up a little lighter and rosier in the photo - thanks to that hot topcoat! - but I still couldn't help but smirk: Chocolate color aside, was this going to dry my lips out? I had to wonder because I've had bad experiences with longwear color in the past and I was worried that this was going to peel off my lips in big chunks like the other guys did. I'm glad to say, however, that the Pro Longwear stuff did stay on pretty nicely for the next few hours, not even rubbing off on my water bottle while I took sips. Great stuff.


Now, I'm sure those of you who don't have access to Nordie's must be wondering where to get the rest of this MAC stuff. Well, guess what - you'll be able to get Starflash and Lustre Twins at your nearest MAC counter starting tomorrow - not just Nordie's, but also the MAC store (Ala Moana and Pearlridge) and select Macy's counters as well. And if you want my opinion on what to buy, I've drafted a little shopping list for you.

Starflash: A lot of the Nordstrom testers for this collection went instantly missing, which goes to show how popular these shadows are even among the counter staff. Besides the Mink and Sable, I'd also recommend one of the fleshy-nude colors - Go, Grand Entrance or Bold and Brazen - which would be a great substitute for some of the shades from the Colour Forms palette. There's also a lot of blogger buzz about Smoke and Diamonds, which was also among the missing testers.

Lustre Twins: Besides Coco Lust/Sexy Sweet (cute names!) I would also try to check out Alta Moda/Hip Love (oooooo, dark brick red!); Boss Brown/Slave to Pink; Gypsy Rose/ Shimmer It; Pink Air/White Top; and Custom Rose/Pink Virtue.

And then... there's Part 2.

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