Monday, July 14, 2008

Face of the Moment: Why Is This Blogger Smiling?

You have to understand: It's not every day when a girl walks into Nordie's and walks away with a brand new face. (Nor is it every day that the same face fades when she realizes that she has spilled Coke Zero in her bag, resulting in massive damage to her cell phone and making her realize that perhaps she may be overdue for an upgrade. Karma, alas, is one sad beeyotch.) Then again, because I'm a real sucker for anything and everything that MAC makes, I did end up on the makeup chair, admitting to the sweet MAC girl who did my face that I was a blogger and my interest in the new collections was somewhat more than academic in nature.

The great irony of it all is that, while I do have photographic evidence up here, I did not take good notes on the rest of this "look" - so I might end up skipping some of the particulars, like brush numbers and the like. So I'll try to concentrate on as much of what I remember as possible.

Prep: There was a moisturizer (SPF 15, yay!), a primer (want, if it wasn't for the fact that my Sephora Professionel one is still kicking), and Prep + Prime for the eyes. And, God bless us, there was also an undereye concealer involved.

Eyes: My makeup artist, Tiffany (love her!), took me through every step in terms of the eyeshadow application - and thank goodness for that, because otherwise I would never have scribbled everything down!

  • Paint Pot in Painterly - used as an allover base

  • Bamboo eyeshadow - blended into the crease using the #244 brush in tight circles

  • Mineralize eyeshadow duo in Polar Opposite: I was intrigued by the "swirly" side of this compact, so she put that part on the lid - which ended up coming out as a dusty, dirty lavender. Surprising! The silver was also used in the inner corner of the eye.

  • Mineralize eyeshadow duo in Hot Contrast - now this one really intrigued me because of the silver and red; the black ended up in the outer corners, which really brought out the pretty from the Polar Opposite.

  • The winged eyeliner is Fluidline in Blacktrack. And I got a priceless tip from Tiffany here: When planning on making your own winged eyeliner with liquid liner and an angled brush, start with a quick "sketch" by first lining from the inner corner, then marking off where and how far you'll be winging the eyeliner in the corners before filling in the rest.

  • On lashes: Plush Lash in Plushblack

  • On brows: Brow Finisher in Wheat; Brow Shader in Soft Charcoal; Brow Set in Clear

Face: On top of the concealer was a combination of the new Mineralize Skinfinish Duo (I believe I got the Medium Dark/Natural and Shimmer, since the two darkest shades sold out over the week) and another Mineralize foundation (forgot the shade - sorry, Tiff!), followed up by Mineralize blush in Nuance. All of these were blended with MAC's own version of the baby kabuki brush.

(A word about the aforementioned Mineralize blush from the Sonic Chic collection: I swear - cross my heart and hope to die - that Nuance is the near-exact replica of my late, lamented L'Oreal Feel Naturale in Cocoa Rose. I also swear that the Merrily shade is also as close as MAC can get to reincarnating another fave of mine from their own archives: Sheer Shimmer Powder in Revenge, from the Lady Danger collection. )

Lips: The liner is Cremestick in Naked Rose, followed by lipstick in Mellow Mood and (be still my beating heart!) Tinted Lipglass in Major Minor.

Finishing touch: Fix+ spray. Lurve!

So what else do I do with this new face, besides taking pictures in the Nordstrom bathroom? Guess what - I end up at a picnic, which meant that I ended up sweating some of this lovely makeup away in the hot noonday sun. (Thank goodness for all that SPF!) Then I went to meet up with some more new friends at Ward Center, where I didn't get to a mirror until around 5:30 PM.

And here's what I looked like by then:

...What? The lipcolor loss was inevitable - I had to eat something at the picnic. ;) But the eye makeup? Miraculous.

So what DID I end up buying after all of this? Yay on the Hot Contrast eyeshadow, since I've always needed a black eyeshadow anyway. Also yay on the MAC #244 brush, which means I now have another eyeshadow brush in my arsenal. Actually, just... yay, because I'm also coming back to Nordstrom for the Colour Forms launch two weeks from now. Whee!

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