Tuesday, July 22, 2008

If I Was a Drag Queen...

...Well, of course I'm not, considering that God apparently did provide me with the, ahem, necessary equipment that should render that thought irrelevant.

(WARNING: If you're easily offended by the subject matter, stop reading here! No use getting your collective panties in a bunch if you don't want to go there with me.)

That said, if I were a dude who enjoys looking like a lady, THIS video here would be my "before" picture.

(first posted on Beauty Addict)

And this video here would be my triumphant "after," complete with fantastic eye makeup and a chandelier over my head.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That was so freakin awesome. I'm totally stealing *ahem* I mean borrowing this from you.

Love it!


The Scribe said...

Viva Azis!...

I quickly sent off the link to the first clip to hubby and co at his workplace. ROFLMAO

meimei said...

@ash: Borrow and steal away!

@scribe: I'm sure "Retouch My Body" is totally going to be a hit at your husband's workplace - nyarharharhar! *has mental image of Mr. Scribe staring at screen, thinking, "WTF?"*