Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Best Revenge

So this week isn't exactly going as well as I hoped, as far as the job market is concerned. Sometimes I feel like second-guessing myself - is it something I did? - but you know, that can only take me so far. Best just to pick up where I left off and move on from there.

That said, I do believe that looking good is a gal's best revenge in moments like these, when defiance - and a little rebellion - is in order.

First, the MAC arsenal, which I've lined up above for you by size. On the left: the Sheer Shimmer Powder in Revenge, which I talked about in my last MAC-related entry. I don't know what compelled me to hold on to this for so long - well, okay, it has everything to do with a horrible breakup that coincided with the release of this collection (hence the apropos naming) -but after seeing the Sonic Chic blushes I figured that I might as well take it out of storage. It's the makeup equivalent of the Chivas Regal that my Dad used to keep in his liquor cabinet; it's nice to save it for company... but when it really, truly matters, you just gotta do what you've gotta do.

Next to the Revenge powder is, of course, the Hot Contrast eyeshadow that I bought at Nordstrom on Sunday... and the regular eyeshadow in Contrast. I'm so in love with the swirly, dirty combination of red and silver in the Hot Contrast eyeshadow that I've decided that it would be a perfect companion for the Revenge, while the black goes with the indigo/purple tones in the (regular) Contrast.

Here's how I looked like when I decided to wear all three together, with nothing more than Smith's Rosebud Salve on the lips.

And - and! - if that wasn't enough, guess what came in the mail for me yesterday? (Um, besides a "thank-you-for-your-job-application" affirmative-action form from Cleveland State...)

Yep, I broke down and got the sample pack for Everyday Minerals. Wanna see what I got from them?

Clockwise from top left: Semi-Matte foundations in Golden Winged Butter, Light Tan, and Medium Tan; Peach Color Corrector powder concealer, and B&B blush (which looks like a peachy terra-cotta color). I'm planning on getting a lot of mileage from that concealer this week, since sleep hasn't come by so easily as of late.

Watch this space; there definitely will be more pictures of me wearing all sorts of combinations from this stash!

POSTSCRIPT: I followed a link to Three Custom Cosmetics from Beauty Addict, and after a little clicky-clicky on their site I found that - janjararaaaan! - they have the formula for Revenge, which means they can replicate this blush near-perfectly. OMG.

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