Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can This Hairdo Be Saved?

Me and my new (ie. month-old by the time I publish this) haircut, before brushing:

Yes, my mirror is right next to all of the air-cooling appliances in this room, both the fan and the AC. I'm sure that this picture was taken with just the AC on, though, because all that wind has not turned this mock-photo shoot into a Mariah Carey video.

(On the contrary: The closest I'll ever get to Mariah in this shot is my vague resemblance to the "Tuts My Barreh" guy from YouTube.)

And this is what happens after I run a boar-bristle brush through the same head of hair for five minutes:

Pretty decent, huh? But that's just with brushing alone, because it has been pretty difficult to keep those bangs in place when I need them... and by the time I'm down the stairs and out the door, my parents are already asking me to comb my hair again.

Right now I'm in the middle of testing out a possible solution to my lack of hair mojo - one that does not involve bobby pins or ponytailers (or, God forbid, both) but has so far shown a lot of promise in keeping my hair in its well-brushed state. Stay tuned!

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