Monday, August 31, 2009

Randomesticity: The Soltera Strikes Back

Remember the dark, sultry alter-ego that popped up on this blog around this time last year? Guess what - she's back, and she just underwent yet another makeover for another one of her covert-ops assignments. She's even got a new name to go with her new image, since "Mancatcher" must've sounded a little too aggressive for her current post.

Take it away, La Soltera...


Hola, chiquitos! I'm here on the set of my new telenovela for TFC, which we're planning to shoot soon in Honolulu. I'd let you in on the juicy details, but I don't want to get in trouble just in case I get mauled by violent fangirls who will all have it in for me when they find out which love-team I've been hired to break up on this current job. Between you and me, though, I took this job anyway because it was way more bearable than facing off with that dead-eyed heifer who's playing Darna right now on the other network. Why, oh, why couldn't they have put me on that show with the cute little boy who talks to Jesus instead?

And yes, there is some truth to the rumors that I was supposed to be part of the proposed Domesticity spin-off blog, but this telenovela assignment came in before everything got finalized... and, well, who knows if Meimei gets another post before I do. But enough about that. How about some random bits?

- You know, Mei and I are both totally "meh" over the September 2009 issue of Preview. It didn't knock us over the head like July did, nor did it grow on us like the August issue. Meimei, of course, likes the beauty section (she always does, that girl) and I liked the feature on up-and-coming fashion designers in Manila, but... really, meh. And that's not even including that letter from Anonymous who's obviously got an ax to grind, what with insinuating that two of the Best Dressed Ladies from July's list have tacky manners and trying to exhort Preview to feature more role models for the youth ek ek chorva-chenes whatever. We get it: beautiful, stylish women are more trouble than they're worth, and the strong among us who make the real difference don't get enough medals. And this is news!?!?! Please. Take it from a former social climber, here: Cream always rises to the top; dreck never stays afloat for too long.

(Meimei adds: Matthew 6:1-4, NAB version. That is all.)

- Also getting the big "meh" from us: Project Runway Philippines. Don't get us wrong - we love the Rajo, and we wish Jojie Lloren was our fairy gayfather. It's just that we don't like the tendency for Filipino reality shows to over-dramatize their contestants; there's nothing we that breaks our heart more than to watch a seemingly harmless talent show and see people crying for their families and their need to win, like PRP has been guilty of doing recently. I don't know why this sort of thing is easier to watch (and probably laugh at) on American TV... but the stakes are higher in this country, and it only makes us cry more. It's the same deal we have with the Philippine edition of (Your Country)'s Got Talent: Meimei had to walk out on the results show the other night because she couldn't stand seeing any of these folks lose - especially the hip-hop grandma and the dog-training old guy whose li'l buddy reminded her too much of DogMei. Snif.

- Oh, where are we? Right, housekeeping issues for this blog. Meimei is just putting the finishing touches on a few entries, which will include: another set from Polyvore; a new bag; new shoes (holla!); and the awesome new hair-product discovery that has changed her life for the best. Rest assured that there will be more beauty and fashion posts coming down the pike in the next few weeks... and watch out this September, too, when Meimei finally rolls out her Wish List for Fall 2009!

- And just in case I forget: Meimei wants you to know that the HIP Bright Shadow duo in Flamboyant that she raved about a few months ago is still working exceptionally well for her. She says that the combination of bright yellow and grape-purple has done wonders in making her eyes look so much brighter and wider. She loves the combination so much that I even got the makeup artist on this telenovela to do my eyes the same way Mei does, with the purple in the outer corners and the yellow on the lids. Gorgeous!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to grab a little snack before the cameras start rolling. I hear that I'm going to be in the big confrontation scene where I do nothing but wear ridiculous sequinned dresses and flare my nostrils while I give the camera my best stink-eye. (Fun.) Till next time!

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