Monday, August 17, 2009

Trendwatch 2009: Easy, Breezy Blouses

Remember this bright yellow blouse from Michael Kors that I spotted in Nordstrom back in Spring 2008?

Well, I never got to buy that cute little blouse after all... but it did jump-start my affinity for roomy, candy-colored cotton blouses that I can practically wear everywhere. And luckily for me, I managed to find a couple of Kors-esque blouses during my last trip to SM Mall of Asia - and at X-Quisite Boutique, which usually features more mature and conservative fashions in larger sizes.

(Pardon the photography; I had to make the best out of an economical sitch here.)

I passed up the usual stretch-jersey blouses (on the clearance rack, not surprisingly) in favor of this gorgeous yellow number, which struck me as a mad combination of Michael Kors and Hilo Hattie. I love the combination of the yoked collar with the pan-Pacific print - there's something very Fijian about the brown tint used in the tribal detail and the big, Hawaiian-inspired hibiscus flowers, which also repeats in the back. Not to mention that it comes in a breathable cotton fabric, which is perfect for the hot climate we've been having lately.

And continuing with the pan-Pacific influences at X-Quisite, I also fell in love with this blue number, which I wore to church this Sunday. The two-tone treatment, plus the embroidered appliques, reminded me of the full-length church dresses worn by Samoan and Micronesian women. (This blouse also comes in black and white with red flowers.) Apart from the embroidery and the neckline, I also love the dolman sleeves, which provided the extra comfort factor on a hot Sunday morning. My Mom suggested wearing these with blue earrings, so I chose a dangly turquoise pair that I purchased at City Buddha in Cleveland - adding to the already-flattering effect of the pleated V-neck.

There are a couple more blouses in the same thin cotton fabric as these ones - one from X-Quisite and another one from Landmark in Makati (another excellent resource for the curvy gals among us) - but they follow a more formal vein, and will be featured in tomorrow's entry.

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