Friday, August 21, 2009

And You Will Know Me by The Trail of Blog: Domesticity's Greatest Hits

Above: a parade of the most insidious earworms to infect me in the last six months, delivered in flash-mob form.

For those of you who are just catching up to Domesticity now, here are some classic entries from the archives.

  • You know, after reading this 2006 entry about pretentious critics in the Philippine press, I've realized that I probably could've used a tad more perspective. Personally, I now find that Filipino fashion designers have started to leave the sporty-conservative designs behind in favor of post-modernist inspiration from Europe, Japan, and Korea - a wise move, considering that retail behemoths like Gap, Forever 21 and Topshop have started invading our malls. The same cannot be said, however, for art and music critics in this country... and unfortunately, I am not getting paid to fight them off, letter by letter. Oh well: plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

  • And if any rant-happy souls would be interested in telling me off on this blog, they should take a page from TV reporter Cedric Moon, who still found time to write me back after all the horrible things I've called him in this space. Classy, polite, and humble = game, set, match. (Alas, as far as I know, Cedric no longer appears on-camera at the Honolulu station where I first spotted him; don't know if he moved or not.)
  • Since we're on the Summer of '06: a retail roundup. And because we've all been good, here's a quote from my review of Miami Vice: "Colin Farrell may look hot when he's dirty, but here he desperately needs to be reintroduced to the concept of Soap and Water."

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