Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pinay Celebrity Quote(s) of the Week

Model/ actress Tetchie Agbayani, on her infamous 1982 cover-story photo shoot for the German edition of Playboy, in the Philippine Star:

"They told me what they needed from me and I said if I hypothetically accepted this project, I would have three conditions. Number one: nothing is to be painted on my body... Number two: I have freedom to pose whatever way I want. And number three: I will do my own hair and makeup. They agreed with all the conditions."

"When my photos were being taken, I wanted to exude the image of 'Eve.' If I were the only woman in this world living on this island with nobody else, how should I look? It should be a wild look, not so polished."

Nope, I will not give you a link to the NSFW cover she did for that particular issue of Playboy. But it is out there... and the lady has built up an equally impressive portfolio as an actress since then, so that's that.

And if you thought she was hot as a twenty-something in 1982, here's what she looks like now:

(Credit:, which also got some equally trenchant quotes from her on this pictorial.)


atikbutiki said...

cool! hehehe...
maybe you'd want to scan my list of sexiest pinays!

PANNA said...

"very tetchie agbayani." nice. :)

she looks great, ha.

i almost want to get the one called manila paper, just because of the name pero i'm afraid it'll just be a dupe of so many other neutrals i have. :)

meimei said...

@Panna: I totally agree on Ma'm Tetchie. (Yes, I feel weird calling her "ma'm" now.) I've seen stills from the indie movies she's done in the last few years - she has that strong presence about her, even when she's playing somebody's mother. Between her and Gloria Diaz (yet another unconventional beauty turned great actress) we're looking at a lot of unparalleled bearing and charisma... and not even the milk-skinned Snow Whites that you see in Pinoy movies or TV comes close.