Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cuff Links: Lots of Flash, For Not Much Cash

Hello, kids! Do you miss the fasyon on this blog as much as I do? It has been such a long week, after all, and I'd be crazy if I didn't tell you that I've actually been sprucing up my wardrobe lately. The best part of this is that some of the new treats in my closet have cost me practically next to nothing - some of it has been as simple as asking Mama and Papa Mei for stuff that they don't like to wear any more.

Take, for example, cuff links.

When I realized that my French-cuffed Old Navy shirt no longer had the buttons that held the cuffs together, I immediately asked PapaMei where I could get cuff links in Manila. Turns out that he no longer wears his own cufflinks, owing to the fact that he's been retired for more than ten years now and no longer wears the suits he used to wear to work for 20+ years. (His apparel of choice, post-retirement: Reyn Spooner aloha shirts.)

I like these round ones because they're pretty simple and label-free; the black and gold motif just goes with everything.

Then there are the cuff links that PapaMei almost forgot were his:

I have no idea how PapaMei ended up with this pair, which is decorated with the Australian coat of arms. (Okay, I do know that he has been there more than once. Maybe it was a gift?) There is, after all, a part of me that feels pretentious for wearing these without having set foot in Australia at all. But you know what? I totally don't care. Call it blasphemy, but I actually like the fact that there are kangaroos and emus on these cuff links... and the navy blue stands out so nicely against the black-and-red stripes on my shirt. So rock'n'roll.

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Shannon said...

Cool cuff links! Here are some cool ones on Guffly today - Legos! Check them out http://www.guffly.com I think they're pretty cool...