Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What's Your Fantasy # 2.5: Parade of Homes

So last night I ended up watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the first time in ages.

I have no shame; as much as I like to pick on Ty Pennington, his team, and their loudspeaker tendencies, I'm still a sucker for the "heart-warming" stories and the endless parade of "surprise" corporate-placement gifts for the formerly Hapless Homeowner. Which is good, since I already get enough schooling on Bauhaus architecture, home construction, and master carpentry from the guys at This Old House.

This is where it gets complicated.

As soon as I turned on the TV and saw Ty in his toolbelt, the lightbulb finally went in my head, and I said, "Oh, I get it now!" I think it's the shorter hair, because - seriously, without the loudspeaker, the man's actually pretty handsome, and there really shouldn't be any debate about that body. Still and all, though.

Then they brought in the team, and while they didn't have my all-time fave team members with them (Paul DiMeo, who reminds me of the missing link between Keith Olbermann and Ted Allen, and Ed Sanders, who looks like he just walked out of a Guy Ritchie movie and might bust out the expletives at any given moment) they did have Eduardo on - and you know how I've mentioned last week that he's the guy I'd want to work on my yard, preferably shirtless and strumming a guitar on his downtime. (Ahem.)

And then they brought in the new guy, who at first I mistook for Jon Heder - I'm already miffed that they didn't have the "master" carpenters on the show, and then they bring in freaking Napoleon Dynamite? But then Daniel strips to a black tank for the demolition, and then they bring in his closeups, then he designs this awesome stuntman-inspired bedroom... and suddenly I'm riveted (pun definitely intended) because not only has he just landed on my dream list of Hot Handymen, but he's actually earning his place on the list by virtue of his own smarts.

Perhaps the only male Home Edition team member that I have yet to warm up to is Michael, but even then he didn't annoy me in this episode as he used to - though apparently he's still as FLAMING! as ever. As long as he doesn't deliberately go out of his way to incite any HoYay with any of my guys, he should be okay.

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