Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Case Against the Naughty Ad Copy

Has anyone here seen the new Victoria's Secret holiday ads lately? They've been driving me crazy for all the wrong reasons. Not because of all the blatant flesh, but because of the new slogan they've adopted:


Yeah, that just brings out the spirit of the holidays, doesn't it? I mean, nothing against lingerie, but I think this just illustrates what I keep telling people about capitalism: Take away lust and greed from the equation, and all you're left is choice. Oh, and don't even get me started on whatever jewel-encrusted cooch coverings that the folks from Vicky's Secret have come up with this year.

Let me remind you folks, again, about what I had to say not too long ago:
As the wise women in my family would say, it's not like anyone's going to care what you paid for it, because you're not going to wear it outside. And if you meet someone who does care that much about your undies, well... ahem. And ahem. And... oh, you get the idea. Point being, there's no point in going broke over underwear, that's all.
(Though, personally, if we're talking about what I want, y'all know I wouldn't mind having this delivered to my doorstep, right? Or this. Or, heck, even this wouldn't be so bad. Just as long as we're not talking about... umm... this. Or for that matter, anything to do with this.)

UPDATED: Edited to fix a broken link, because... um, yeah, I think I should really lock myself up in a room with a bootleg copy of Kinsey already so I could fast forward through the boring parts, if you know what I mean. Also added one more link, because nothing says "ack!" like "the chocolate with moxie."

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