Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Case for the Short List

Or, Other Things on my Brain at this very moment

- Just when you thought you were safe from Daria Werbowy in a Bottle, along comes Angelina Jolie in a Tube - now with Red Bull accord! Darnit, Beauty Industry, must you keep ruining my girl-crushes this way? (Thanks to the ever-lovely Beauty Addict for the review.)

- I finally bought the new Franz Ferdinand CD, and I must tell you that it totally rocks. Of course, I'm biased because 1) I'm obviously a fan of the '80s-type dance music; 2) I didn't buy their other album (though I kick myself over that since I got the import single for "Take Me Out" with the slow version of "Darts of Pleasure") and 3) I believe that both Alex Kapranos and Bob Hardy are quite hot.

- Another music purchase: a CD single of Kanye West's "Gold Digger," with the Jay-Z remix of "Diamonds From Sierra Leone." Can I help it if this wasn't the most danceable - and booty-shake-inducing - combination of songs right now? (The videos are pretty nifty, too.)

- And my hot L'Oreal streak continues with my purchase of a Wear Infinite single eyeshadow in Gilded Bronze. The company's been churning out a lot of nice colors that remind me of the posh department store stuff, and this one's no exception - a metallic bronze that's not too dark and not too gold. The formula's great, too - very smooth and long-lasting - so the only sucky part of it all is the cheaptastic packaging.

- Currently at home via Netflix: The Office, Season 1. Nice to break from the old-movie norm, since I've already finished Lawrence of Arabia (borrowed from the school library) and From Here to Eternity (ditto - and, oh yeah, young Burt Lancaster = hot). I also just added Arrested Development: Season 2 and a bunch of British TV thrillers to my queue.

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