Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Case Against Black Friday

Well, well, how's this for irony: I missed out on all the Black Friday action because I got sick.

I swear, I was OK yesterday when I was enjoying all that turkey and pie (there's nothing like a serious garage Thanksgiving on Oahu), and it wasn't like there was anyone sneezing at me all week... but I already knew there was something wrong when I found myself seizing tissues by the handful while my niece was beating me at poker. Waking up sweaty and lethargic in the wee hours did not help, either.

So I missed out on the biggest shopping day of the season, and instead stayed at home while ingesting various combinations of OTC and homeopathic remedies to battle this cold. What's even worse is that not only did I miss out on shopping, but I'm also missing out on my workouts at the gym. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and cry me that river, folks - but, seriously.

My short-term goal for recovery at this point is to be well enough to go out tomorrow night so I can go salsa dancing with my friends, which I've been missing out on for a while. I'm just hoping that whatever it is that I just caught will go away so I could start doing all of the other things for a change. Like, say, exercising. Or studying.


In the meantime, I'm going to start posting a few holiday-themed entries in the next few weeks. Tempting as it is to post something brutally pessimistic about why we're celebrating, isn't it about time we had something else to celebrate instead of feeling so miserable about having nothing worth while to enjoy? Enough with the negativity - bring on the hot toddy! (With extra bourbon and lemon juice!)

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