Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Case for Perspective

As a Roman Catholic, I wish I had something really snarky to say about the Pope's shoes. (Especially since the folks who have bothered to comment on Manolo's blog seem to have gotten their collective undies up in a bunch over this. Oh, please, spare me the lectures and let the man wear his shoes already. At least be happy that this wasn't about the Tommy Hilfiger vestments, for crying out loud. )

But when I find a fellow Catholic blogger posting on the topic of death and domesticity in cinema - something that I've touched on not too long ago - I just can't help but smile and do a happy dance. Because, really, if you stop and think about it...


So I tried my best to crawl into Wal-Mart, Ross, and Ala Moana Center today to survey the damage from Black Friday.

And... eh.

I didn't even get to Macy's because I was just so loaded with cold medicine that I wasn't up for any major shopping. That, and the fact that I will be flying out to Las Vegas for Christmas in four weeks, which means that I'll need to pack light anyway.

At least Wal-Mart didn't drive me crazy by playing Martina McBride's version of the "Home For the Holidays" jingle one time too many. Then again, I did notice that the store soundtrack had this ridiculously off-key R&B singer who sounded like a cross between Vanessa Williams and Beyonce.

Back home I not only got my copy of Garden State from Netflix (EEEEE!!!! I love you Peter! EEEEEE!!!, where was I?) but also the Sephora catalog, which showcased some of the great things that I did get to see at Sephora today. My favorites: anything by Philosophy (I'm surprised that they still had some of this stuff in stock - then again, maybe it was just the Hope in a Jar), The Dresden from Smashbox (definitely on my wishlist), Bliss' You Should Know Butter and Buff Love, and (this one's for you, BeautyAddict) the Memoirs of a Geisha set from Fresh. Least favorite, without a doubt: Anything from the Fantasy Britney Spears line, especially the Suprising Twist! gloss (electric kiwi green glitter? heck no) and the Look My Way palette (dark green AND navy blue shadow, AND nude gloss AND shimmer? Didn't I just see this at the Wal-Mart holiday bin for $5?)

And speaking of Sephora: I know that schaedenfreude isn't exactly charitable or Christian, but I had to admit to a certain kind of glee when I saw this on the website's "Sale" section. Because, you know, when the flavored bath and body products aren't doing anything to light up the home fires like before...

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the addict said...

oh boy. The Surprising Twist is scary. I thought it might have just been the photo on the Sephora website, then I saw it in person and realized that the gloss was indeed green.

Gotta love the Memoirs of a Geisha stuff though... :)