Monday, November 14, 2005

The Case Against Coming In from the Cold

It seems that, after my recent entry about lip balm (with the inevitable side tangent about my dental-hygiene troubles... ew), I should really start talking about the colder weather we've been getting lately here in the valley. Not that much heavy rain, thank goodness, but the wind's been a tad nippy as of late - and it's been causing me to do more than just whipping out the Chapstick.
First on the list is the fact that I've been paying way more attention to my skincare than I've been used to. Since my complexion has been acting pretty funny lately, I've switched my usual face wash to the Wal-Mart version of Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, which I also use to wash off my makeup at night. (Yes, I've been wearing makeup more often. Yes, it has something to do with the Peter Sarsgaard look-alike in one of my classes. Shut up.) My other facial cleanser of choice, Lush Aqua Marina, has served me well, but I want to save it more for the days when the zits do pop up and I don't feel like wearing any makeup anyway. I've also started using Aqua Marina on my body - not only does it save me money (heh) but it also leaves my skin extra soft - not to mention it works especially well when I break out into rashes. As for moisturizer, I've laid off using any on my face since I've been getting sensitive lately (recs, anyone?) but I've also been in the habit of combining my drugstore lotions (e.g. Lubriderm and Jergens) with the nice-smelling (but wussy-moisturizing) boutique stuff, so I could get scent and moisture at the same time.

Second on my list is keeping warm... which for me means working out. Now, exercising may seem to be anathema to beating the cold weather, but I figured that I needed another outlet for the stress anyway. I've already signed up for the gym (tomorrow morning is my moment of truth on the treadmill) and for the Honolulu Marathon Race Day Walk next month, so I'm going to have to burn off a lot of that expendable energy from here.

I've also entertained the thought of buying warmer clothes, which is funny since I really shouldn't be thinking about "fall" while living in the tropics. The only thing getting in the way of implementation is... you guessed it, budget. Well, that and closet space, since I still wear what's left of my "corporate" wardrobe to other places.

On a non-fashion note, I think I'm ready for Thanksgiving, since I've been brushing up on my cooking skills - not that I'm going to make something exciting this year (says she who bought the frozen pie because it was on sale- hush!) but I'm looking forward to making more comfort food to share at potlucks and other gatherings. Of course, that also means more comfort food for me - but at least this year I'm eating more vegetables, so everybody wins, right?

Don't get me started on Christmas, though. I don't care what the Retail Industry is telling me about the economy this year; there's no way I'm getting started on Christmas until I get through the turkey season, mmkay?

UPDATE, 11/14/2005: More moisturization news - the Fly Girl at Yu Hu Stewardess posted a review of Crabtree & Evelyn's La Source 60-Second Fix Kit for Hands. Another excellent product, test-driven by the Meimei herself - the cream is really rich, but it's great if you're taking it on the plane with you (I've used it before bed, so I can see how this can work on a long-distance flight with dry recirculated air); and the scrub is the next best thing to a manicure.

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