Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Domesticity Retail Mini-Roundup, November 2005

We interrupt the Sarsgaardification of this blog to bring you this entry in preparation for the upcoming holiday "shopping" season.

I was at Ala Moana Center today because I though I'd get a gift for Bunny's daughter's baptism. It was really fun because I was out at the baby stores marveling at all the little kids' clothes and the way they're supposed to look like grownup clothes. (And, yes, they even have toddler-size ponchos and "cowboy" boots, for girls. The heck?)

Oddly enough, the designer section of the mall disappointed me. The mannequin on display at Chanel, for instance, is wearing a silvery gray ribbed turtleneck and matching silvery gray ribbed leggings. Leggings, people. They even covered the mannequin's stilettos. Compared to the gigantic poster of Daria Werbowy plastered onto the side of the store, the window looked like something from the Chanel Tasteless Trophy Wife 2005 collection. Just goes to show that the Lagerfeld, he is pure evil.

I didn't walk into Sephora today, but now that I know that Oprah featured Philosophy's Hope in a Jar on her Favorite Things show, I'm predicting that the store will run out of Philosophy by Friday. Count on it.

I also went to Neiman Marcus for the first time in a while, which was interesting since I went straight to their food section. Apparently they now have MarieBelle chocolate, which I'm dying to try - along with Vosges' Red Fire chocolate bar, which I would never have considered had I not watched Chocolat and began craving chili-spiked chocolate as a result. I also got a sample of Russian tea cookies, which was a tad nutty and sugary.

The Disney Store had great huge honking signs announcing that they will be open at 4 AM on Friday morning, which only made me wonder if I should be that crazy. (Then again, that may be because I don't have that many children on my wish list. Or hardcore Disney fans, for that matter.)

There were other stores that I visited during this short jaunt (hello, Ethel M), and more where I should've stopped by, but I just had to mention my last stop at the new Barnes and Noble, where an innocent trip to the magazine rack nearly turned violent when I opened one of the glossies and found myself reading advice from a sex expert who apparently wants to tell me more than I needed to know about the natural scent of my own hoo-hoo. No, I'm not even going to go there.

Let's see how this whole setup holds when I finally go back in there and start the real excitement of finishing up my own Christmas shopping list!

And on that note, Domesticity will now take a short break for the holiday weekend. Regular posts will resume on Friday night. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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