Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Case for the Fountain of Youth

I think it's about time I finally admitted it: After all these years of being bummed about my outdated photo on the Blogger profile, I decided to - ahem - get some "work" done.

You could see that I seem to have shaved off years (years, I tell you!) in this photo. And ifyou think this was cute, wait till you see how it looks close up:

(Oh, all right, you got me there: I got sucked into making doll avatars on the Internet. Kinda creepy, yes, and a bit atavistic, but it's like getting a makeover without spending my entire budget at Neiman Marcus. And how better to keep my anonymity on the Internet without sacrificing my style and/or resorting to cockroaching celebrity photos? Besides, if you thought this was way too J-pop/ K-drama/ Hot Topic for your taste, take heart that at least I didn't provide a link to the site with the "Celebrity Dollz.")

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