Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Case for the Temporary Entry (f. Sean Combs)

For some reason Blogger ate my last entry (as well as the revisions on my blogroll), so unless there's a chance that it has resurfaced in any form whatsoever, I'm going to post a little something here.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share with you Sephora's list of notes for the new Sean John fragrance, which Diddy not-so-eloquently flogged on Letterman last Friday. I'm still not impressed by the marketing strategy for this product (implied multiracial threesomes? How very Tom Ford. Except, not) and that "Hot/ Sexy/ Fabulous" thing makes me laugh way too much, but I stand by my contention that it might actually smell good, even if the ingredients do make it sound like Expensive Rap Video (Featuring Sean Combs) in a Bottle.

That said: What's up with that name, anyway? I don't know about you - and maybe this is the Roman Catholic part of me talking - but the men in my social circle would think twice about wearing a cologne called "Unforgivable." Besides, the only thing more unforgivable than a Diddy fragrance would be a Kevin Federline fragrance:

PopoZao: The Fragrance for Men
Because luck is nothing without talent.

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